Mirrorworld Technologies Ltd exploits state of the art data integration, visualisation and simulation technologies to deliver business solutions for its clients.

Our expertise builds on research from many investigations engaging partners from a range of industry sectors including local government, urban regeneration, health, police, emergency planning, housing and environment.

Our work has focused on testing use of advanced visualisation platforms to investigate how technologies can add value in tackling diverse complex real world policy and business challenges in areas such as service transformation, troubled families, housing asset management, crime detection and prevention, flood and emergency planning, energy management, healthcare planning and urban renewal.

The schema below provides a simple overview of a Mirrorworld Platform. The Platform can be configured to access data in real time from the many industry standard database servers used by organisations to manage their data. A meta data controller is used to provide filtered access to key data headings which can be switched on or off depending on the problem area under investigation. Selected data layers can then be visualised graphically and spatially via a visualisation engine and user interface (VR/Web etc.) tailored to a client’s requirements.

Additional analytical tools e.g. data mining can also be integrated within the platform, providing insight into underlying patterns of activity, helping to shape ‘what if’ scenarios, inform planning and performance monitoring. The platforms are designed for non-technical users with executive or operational management responsibilities.