Mirrorworld Technologies Ltd has been undertaking advanced R & D programmes over several years in collaboration with the University of Salford THINKlab and industry partners, to create and test novel data integration, visualisation and simulation technologies.

This collaboration has exploited research drawn from research institutions and industry partners internationally in many industry sectors including built environment, aerospace industry, art and media, local government, police, health, and social sciences.

Mirrorworld Technologies Ltd is therefore able to provide access to smart technology teams capable of delivering innovative advanced data integration, visualisation and simulation solutions tailored to individual client requirements.

We provide:

  • Initial demonstrations, consultation and scoping work to show how Mirrorworld platforms can add business value to your existing data systems
  • Phased development options including creating an initial prototype to demonstrate visualisation, data analytics and simulation capabilities of the proposed Mirrorworld platform solution, tailored around your data resources
  • A range of innovation workshop programmes designed to engage internal and external stakeholders to scope the challenge, determine your user requirements, inform the technical specification and user interface requirements
  • Implementation of a Mirrorworld Platform solution customised to your organisational requirements, combined with staff training programmes and a supported maintenance plan
  • Access to cutting edge R & D in advanced data integration, visualisation and simulation technologies to ensure your organisation continues to derive optimum business benefit from your investment in Mirrorworld Technologies