Launched in 2016, City Data Explorer™ is a new web based data visualisation platform enabling organisations to transform their data into spatial intelligence.

City Data Explorer™ answers many of the questions our industry partners were asking, including how can they:

  • Get better value, intelligence and insight from their data resources
  • Improve how they share data securely with their partners to aid collaboration
  • Enable easier and wider access to their data resources for staff at all levels in the organisations to improve operational performance
  • Better utilise their data resources, including ‘open data,’ to improve consultation and engagement activities with their citizens and communities

Additionally Mirrorworld Technologies Ltd is able to provide access to smart technology teams capable of delivering innovative advanced data integration, visualisation and simulation solutions tailored to individual client requirements. This includes:

  • Introductory demonstrations illustrating the range and application of data visualisation technologies
  • Offering a range of development options including customised user interface design, use of data analytics and simulation capabilities to enhance use of City Data Explorer™ in your organisation
  • More bespoke training tailored to the organisation or partnership’s needs, that can facilitate collaborative use of City Data Explorer™
  • Access to cutting edge R & D in advanced data integration, visualisation and simulation technologies