City-Data-Explorer-logo-600-retinaCity Data Explorer™ offers a secure web based data visualisation platform to enable public sector organisations to easily share and transform their data into spatial intelligence.

It has been designed for non-technical users who will have responsibility for developing and delivering evidence based solutions that address the many complex challenges facing large public sector agencies. Such challenges often require high levels of collaboration and communication between stakeholder groups as well as demanding secure control and access to confidential data when working in a multi-agency environment.

Using a simple interface, data can be easily selected, loaded and published from multiple sources, including data from different agencies and Open Data ( File formats supported currently include CSV, Shapefiles, KML & GeoJSON ). This allows the user to easily generate dynamic customised visual narratives from their actual data to generate a more holistic picture of activity, providing new insight into complex policy and business challenges faced by the organisation.

City Data Explorer™ also allows users to create permanent or temporary data visualisation environments to manage secure access to confidential data. This functionality enhances multi-agency collaboration where building shared intelligence is an important part of collaborative working – underpinning planning and decision making, consultation, stakeholder engagement and service transformation.

City Data Explorer™ platform also supports public sector organisations in creating a public space where open data resources ( ONS, Output Area data etc.) could be visualised and published for use by citizens and local community groups. This approach could help the organisation with consultation and engagement activities and build awareness about
local issues.

Citizens or local groups could also use City Data Explorer™ to create and publish their own library of visual scenarios from available data resources, which could be made easily accessible to other users.

City Data Explorer™ offers:

  • Fresh insight into complex policy and business challenges
  • New intelligence to drive service transformation, planning and decision making
  • Enhanced collaboration by secure sharing of confidential data in a multi-agency environment
  • Innovative approaches to improve consultation and engagement
  • Interface designed for non-technical users
  • Easy to integrate and visualise data from multiple sources
  • Opportunities to exploit and transform use of ‘open’ data

Flood Risk Scenario

This scenario illustrates how data from a range of partner agencies (Police, Environment, Health and Social Services, Utility Companies) can be easily integrated using City Data Explorer™ to assess impact of flooding in potential flood risk areas.

Location of key utilities which may be affected by flooding are highlighted.

Social data is used to identify where vulnerable people in the area are living to help emergency services prioritise and co-ordinate response activity.

(Note: No confidential data was used in the creation of this scenario – proxy data only)

Traffic Flow Scenario in Greater Manchester

This scenario illustrates how can be used to easily select, load, visualise and publish data from a spreadsheet, transforming data into spatial intelligence.

In this example a spreadsheet of public ‘open’ data, showing traffic analysis in Greater Manchester was used. The data characteristics which the user wishes to view spatially are simply selected using the City Data Explorer™ interface. This includes e.g. road category, types of vehicles using selected roads and their geo locations.

Once the required marker is selected the data is displayed onto the mapping layer (We use OpenStreetmap: ).

As you move the cursor over the markers it reveals the selected data for that location.

The user can then publish the data for use in live presentations or exported for use in reports.

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City Data Explorer™ is a new product created by Mirrorworld Technologies Ltd.

Mirrorworld Technologies offer a range of licencing options to meet the needs of the public sector, including for:

  • Individual Users
  • Enterprise/Organisation
  • Multi-Agency
  • Citizen/Community

If required we can provide secure hosting solutions in a UK data centre which includes firewall protection, password/login authentication, data encryption, penetration testing and regular security audits.

Mirrorworld Technologies Ltd. can deliver local training sessions to help users get the most out of City Data Explorer™.

We also offer more bespoke training tailored to the organisation or partnership’s needs, that can facilitate collaborative use of City Data Explorer™ .

For further details contact:
Ian Everall
Director, Mirrorworld Technologies Ltd

Tel: 07515 287189